Security Services

Institute/School Guard

Adequate security to center of education is essential. Our guard are trained in soft skill to exercise appropriate behavior with children and academic staff.

Personal security officer/ Escort Guards

We provides armed and unarmed , combat trained guard for proximate, personal security and escourts for individuals and family members.


To prevent incident of theft and robbery we provide, ex-serviceman armed guard services for bank, ATM, retails outlets, industries.

Event Security Management

We provides a complete range of security solution to meet client’s specific need during corporate Events, product launches, Fashion shows, sports events, Trade Shows & Exhibition and annual general meetings.

Industrial Security

Sticts security measures are ensured as per the requirement of industry manager and threat perception. The access control is regulated, with support of metal detector, electronic cameras and communication decices. GPRS based security system can also be incorporated.

Bank / ATM security

The cash and valuable are easy target of criminal. Alert and Trained guards are required to be deployed for bank, ATMs, cash transaction. We provide excellent sepcurity for this business activity.

Dogs and dogs handlers

  • Well trained dogs and dogs handlers for security
  • Maximum agility and quick response

Training and Skills

Skills development and training

We have experienced senior  trainers in management who can organize short training intervention program for continuous corporate development, after carrying out training need analysis on following topics:

  • Leadership development
  • Morale and motivation
  • Decision making
  • Emotional strengthening
  • Team building
  • Positive attitude
  • Communication skills,interpersonal effectiveness
  • Goal setting, performance appraisal, 360 degree feedback
  • Monitoring, counseling and coaching
  • Anger management , soft skills

Executed, Associated, Lead and enabled teams for PMKY program.

Other Support

  • Recruitment and placement of Ex-BSF / CPO /Armed forces personnels.
  • Facilty / Hospitality services
  • Background screening
  • Antecedend verification
  • Relationship building
  • Supporting Govt Contracts

Help Setup a Third Eye

Technology Security services

Borderman Security’s updates technological knowledge base enable us to provide the most advance security equipment's to esteem clients.

Key elements:

  • Comprehensive system design and installation
  • Superior CCTV and other equipment's
  • Intrusion Alarm System
  • Access control system
  • Intercom and monitoring system

Save you from Threats

Security Analysis and threat Management

A tight security can be delivered to your organization, home etc. Only after a thorough security analsis and threat assessment. Our expert can assist you in extending fortified security to your premises.

Key elements:

  • Well trained planner
  • Knowledge of explosives and firearms

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