Institute/School Guard

Adequate security to center of education is essential. Our guard are trained in soft skill to exercise appropriate behavior with children and academic staff.

Skills development and training

We have experienced seniorĀ  trainers in management who can organize short training intervention programmes for contiouous corporate development, after carrying out training need analysis on following topics:

  • Leadership development
  • Morale and motivation
  • Decision making
  • Emotional strengthening
  • Team building
  • Positive attitude
  • Communication skills,interpersonal effectiveness
  • Goal setting, performance appraisal, 360 degree feedback
  • Monitoring, counseling and coaching
  • Anger management , soft skills

Liasioning/Allied Important Services

In addition to security, we provide dynamic and valuable support services to our esteem clients.

  • Facilty / Hospitality services
  • Background screening
  • Antecedend verification
  • Licenses support
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Borderman Security Pvt Ltd

Boaderman security provides a full range of security services, from general guarding to specialized security roles. Our well trained personnels ensure visible presence and demonstrate required skills in discharge duties.


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